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beginner yoga course

gentle vinyasa flow
with Kasia

Completely new to yoga, or had a long break? 
You are in the right place

online - zoom

The course has ended now - stay tuned for the next one

Full course

How exciting that you're thinking of embarking on, or restarting your yoga journey!

If you're interested in self-growth, building mental resilience & self-love practice through yoga and meditation, but want to start with the very basics, this course will be right up your street - even if you've never done yoga before.

In this 6-week online beginner course, you will discover the fundamental concepts of yoga practice and learn the basic asanas (yoga poses) & breathing techniques - all in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. From the comfort of your own home, you will have a chance to develop the knowledge and confidence you might be looking for to soon attend an in-person yoga class in a studio, or continue your own home practice.

Together, we will find ways to connect to our own bodies and feel present in the moment. We start each class with a short meditation and always finish with at least a couple minutes of relaxation.

By signing up for the course, you will also receive access to class summaries, helpful tips, and motivational content in our WhatsApp group.

Course content:
week 1 – sun salutation A, ujjayi breath & well-being awareness
week 2 – sun salutation B, standard standing poses & gratitude practice
week 3 – seated poses, posture alignment & mindfulness techniques
week 4 – backbends, inversions & bhandas
week 5 – meditation & breathing techniques
week 6 – general vinyasa flow yoga class taught to music

What you will need:

- a mat, rug or towel

- two blocks  and a strap (optional)

- knee pads, cushion or a blanket for extra comfort (if you have sensitive knees make sure you have it to hand)

- laptop or phone to connect to zoom

Mikako, Amsterdam

I took Kasia's Vinyasa Flow beginner course and it was a great experience. Her guidance is consistently soothing, easy to understand, and easy to follow. Every time I finished her class, I felt calm and relaxed. Thanks to her precise instructions, I was able to check if I was using the correct muscles for each pose, and it's clear that Kasia has a deep understanding of how the body works.

Daniel, London

I did a six week introductory course with Kasia and it was fantastic. Kasia is calm, friendly, clear and knowledgeable. It was a great experience. Highly recommended.

Sam, London

Really enjoyed the Vinyasa Flow beginner course ran by Kasia. The classes had a good balance of challenging poses and relaxation/meditation techniques and I found it easy to follow Kasia’s guidance as she talked the class through the different poses, with helpful tips to ensure your form is correct. She’s an excellent yoga instructor and I’d recommend her to anyone that wants to try yoga as a beginner.
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