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to spread yoga as

a self-learning,



resilience-building tool

for anyone


"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony"

- Gandhi -

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Hi, I'm Kasia

I'm a yoga enthusiast passionate about introducing people to the transformative power of this amazing, grounding practice, and making it accessible to all. With a warm and inclusive approach, I create a safe space where even beginners can feel comfortable exploring their body awareness, emotions, and mind, improving mental resilience.


Having experienced the demands of an often stressful advertising working environment myself, I have longed for a meaningful personal purpose outside of the daily grind. My passion for various forms of movement, holistic well-being, interest in mental health, and seeking balance in my own life, led me to become a yoga teacher. This journey sparked my desire to help others live happier lives with confidence, calm, and peace through the practice of yoga and mindfulness techniques. As a result, the idea of Yoga Chill Zone was born. I aim to build an uplifting and inclusive community of yoga practitioners at all levels, who support each other in becoming the best versions of themselves, wherever they are in their journey.


With over six years of personal yoga practice and the certification from Integrity Centre’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training led by Alina Bialek in London (2022), I bring a wealth of knowledge to my classes - I am registered with Yoga Alliance, so you can trust me to be in professional and safe hands.​ understand that starting a new personal development or fitness journey can feel daunting - that’s why in my teaching I focus on providing careful verbal cues to guide my students through the poses, creating an encouraging atmosphere. 

During my classes, you’ll explore the fundamental poses and concepts of yoga, while also learning how to connect with yourself and become your own best friend. Drawing inspiration from my other passion - dance, I weave in subtle influences of other movement techniques into the sequences.

My goal is to leave you feeling more connected to yourself, calmer and inspired - ready to search for your own meaning and sense of balance in life.

With individual attention, I will show you that regardless of your level of physical activity or flexibility, anyone can benefit from yoga by developing self-awareness, and mental resilience, and finding a way of self-expression.

You can find me teaching a weekly Hatha Yoga class in Southfields at Aspire Centre on Saturdays at 9:30-11:00 AM - I'll have a mat waiting for you to join me. :)


Let's begin your transformative yoga journey together and embrace the joy and peace it brings into your life.

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